World Building in Your Novel

Tim makes the mistake of diving into his middle build before he’s really planned out the world. Shawn walks him through how to do this and what makes a great world for your novel.

Download Tim’s scenes from this episode.

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Planning Your Middle Build

Once you have a working Beginning Hook, it’s time to move into the Middle Build. This makes up 50% of your book and can be overwhelming at the start. Shawn and Tim discuss how to dive in.

Download Tim’s Scene 12 draft.

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Finishing the Beginning Hook

Shawn and Tim discuss the last sequence in the Beginning Hook and getting started on the Middle Build.

Download Tim’s scenes from this episode.

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Moving from Scenes to Sequences

Shawn critiques Tim’s latest scenes, and how you can move into planning and writing sequences.

Download Tim’s Scenes 5-7 discussed in this episode.

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How to Write a Great Love Story

Part 2 on the love story genre. Shawn and Tim dive into the genre conventions, obligatory scenes, and how you can write a great love story.

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The Most Important Genre

If you had to pick one genre to master, what should it be? Shawn answers the question in this week’s episode.

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Getting the Rewrites Right

Tim finally nails his scene. What changed? And what is the right process for going from draft to a working scene?

Click here to download Tim’s scenes from this episode.

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Listener Questions and More Rewrites

Shawn and Tim answer a few questions from listeners and then dive into more rewrites of Tim’s scenes.

Submit your questions on Twitter @storygrid.

Download Tim’s Scene 4 Rewrite.

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How to Rewrite Scenes

How do you take scenes that don’t work and rewrite them? Shawn and Tim walk through best practices and common pitfalls.

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Still… Critiquing Tim’s Beginning Hook

Shawn continues working through the Story Grid for Tim’s beginning hook.

Downloads for this episode:

  • [Tim’s Beginning Hook Scenes][1]
  • [Shawn’s Notes on Tim’s Beginning Hook][2]
  • [Story Grid Spreadsheet for Tim’s Beginning Hook][3]
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