Critiquing Tim’s Beginning Hook

Tim has finished the first 11 scenes of his book — the Beginning Hook — and Shawn wades into his critique on where he did well and where he… didn’t.

Downloads for this episode:

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Story Grid and Non-fiction

The 4 categories of non-fiction and how the Story Grid applies to them.

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The Great Hedonometer

This week we talk with PhD candidate Andy Reagan who is one of the researchers behind the Hendonometer Shawn and Tim discussed a couple weeks ago. Andy shares where they are at with the research and they discuss the implications for writers in the future.

Check out the Hedonometer.

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Turning Pro as a Writer

What does it take to move from amateur to professional as a writer? Tim and Shawn discuss this in depth and share their experience.

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There are only 6 stories

New research shows there are only 6 stories that every book is based on. Shawn and Tim discuss the implications of this and how it applies to Tim’s story.

Data Mining Reveals the Six Basic Emotional Arcs of Storytelling

Click here to download Tim’s Scene Two.

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What Good Editors Know

A good developmental editor is mentoring an author through their book. That comes with some basic frustrations, especially when the editor is coaching a newbie like Tim. Shawn shares his views on this along with his new math equation… M + TEⁿ = IF.

Click here to see Shawn’s edits of Tim’s first scene. For those using Word/Pages, you’ll be able to see the exact edits he made.

Click here to see Shawn’s article Is “Good Enough” Good Enough?

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Calibrating Your Scenes

How do you get the stakes and tone of your scene right? As Tim begins to understand how to write a better scene, he struggles with going to far. Shawn works with him on how to write a great opening scene that doesn’t go too far.

Here are the scenes Tim and Shawn discuss:

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Villains and Inciting Incidents

Who drives the story? This is a harder question to answer than you think. Shawn and Tim dive deep in this question.

Steven Pressfield’s The Spine of the Story

Shawn and Tim’s Emails

  1. Tim’s story outline he sent to Shawn to look over.
  2. Shawn’s response.
  3. Tim sent Shawn his short story in the Tales from Pennsylvania anthology.
  4. Shawn’s response.
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Pub 101: How to Work With Your Publisher

In this three part series, Shawn and Tim discuss the ins and outs of the publishing industry. Learn how to work with your publisher and market your book.

How to Pick the Perfect Book Title.

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Pub 101: Finding an Agent and Selling Your Book

In this three part series, Shawn and Tim discuss the ins and outs of the publishing industry. Learn how to find an agent and sell your book to a major publisher.

Click here to visit Publisher Marketplace.

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